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In-store and Online Menu

Tea Flavors

Milk Options

Whole Milk, Almond Milk ($0.30), Oat Milk ($0.30), Condensed Milk ($0.10)

Drink Add-Ons

Boba, Matcha Shot - $0.60

Classic - $4.35 (16 oz hot, 20 oz iced)

Banana Bread (Herbal), English Breakfast (Black), SUMMER BERRY (Green), Sunset Sorbet (Herbal), Imperial Matcha (Green), Manila Mango (Oolong), Strawberry Sunrise (Green), Sunshine Colada (Herbal), Vanilla Chai (Green)

Premium - $4.80 (16 oz hot, 20 oz iced)

Ginseng Oolong (Oolong), Lavender Earl Grey (Black), Lychee Dragon Pearls (Black), Passion Berry Punch (Green), Peach Paradise (White), Apple Crumb Cake(Black), TBD Thai Tea (Black), Teaspresso Mocha (Black), Ginger Peach (Black)

Bowls Selections 

All Day, Everyday (available daily)

We cook our food daily for a limited quantity, for single ticket orders of 5 and above, please call to ensure availability. Catering options available. Please see separate menu. Thank you!

Chicken Adobo with Rice - $8

Famous Filipino-household cuisine. Braised chicken in soy sauce and vinegar, topped with garlic bits.

Beef Kaldereta with Rice - $8

Filipino-style tomato-based beef stew with carrots and potatoes, topped with cheese.

Lumpia with Rice - $7

Filipino-style eggrolls, full-sized. Stuffed with meats, carrots and some onions. Comes with homemade sauce on the side, spicy or not spicy.

Vegan Jackfruit BBQ - $8 - NOW AVAILABLE DAILY

Young jackfruit in BBQ marinade, topped with veggies, sesame seeds and garlic.

Lumpia without Rice - $5

Filipino-style eggrolls without the rice. Sauce is homemade - spicy or not spicy.

Beef Tacos - $5

2 soft shells with beef, pico de gallo and topped with cheese.

Edamame - $5

Japanese bean pods seasoned in extra-virgin olive oil and garlic.

 Daily Specials (specific day available)

Pancit with Lumpia - $8 - Monday, Fridays

Filipino-style noodles with some vegetables and chicken meat. Comes with one piece of lumpia.

Pork Humba - $8 - Tues, Thursdays, Saturdays

Sweet braised, soy pork with garlic bits.

Korean Pork Rice Bowl - $8 - Wednesdays

Pork in Korean BBQ sauce topped with sesame seeds and garlic bits.

Other Specials

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A La Carte'

Oatly Milk Carton 32 oz - $6

Halo-Halo Traditional or Smoothie - $5.00

*Combo Meal starts from $8 for drink + bowl, just add 50 cents for a premium tea flavor

 UBE - sweet purple yam that's made gently sweet, less sweet than vanilla and you'll just want to keep going

Mini Ube Cake - $2.95
Made with ube filled with coconut inside topped with cream cheese frosting
Cookie Butter Tart - $3.50 
Caramel speculoos goodness in cookie crust
Eddie Bull's Cookie Dough Cup (4 scoops) - Gluten-free -$4.00
Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch and Vegan Brownie flavors
Vegan Walnut Muffin - $3.75
Taro Mousse Cup - $3.50
Matcha Raspberry Mousse Cup - $3.75
Matcha Blondie - $3.75
Your favorite brownie dessert made with matcha green tea and choc chips
Cake Pops - $1.85
French Macaron - $1.55
Cheesecakes (Assorted Flavor) - Gluten-free - $6.00
Matcha Oreo Cheesecake - $6.75
Kratom Tea Single - $7 (8 oz), Double $12 (16 oz)
**Kava Add-on $3
**Kava Single - $4 (4 oz), Double - $7 (8 oz)
FLAVORS: Black Currant, Raspberry, Blueberry, Sour Cherry, Lemon, Pomegranate
Speakeasy Grab N Go
Mother Kombucha - The Trop or Blue Rose- $4 (12 oz)
**Guayaki Yerba Mate Can - Revel Berry, Bluephoria (15.5 oz) - $3.50
**Guayaki Yerba Mate Bottle - Peach, Passion (16 oz) - $3.50
**Not recommended for children, pregnant/breastfeeding women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine. Do not mix with alcohol.